Tuesday, October 9, 2007

well it happened i am officially a psycho mom. but, i seriously just couldn't help myself. when you, if you haven't already, have a daughter- you will understand. i really don't have any excuse, and i hope i will grow out of the obsessive mommy thing before it starts to embarrass her. but i have come up with a few excusess.
1. i want people to think they are seeing doubles
2. and with that i can make my own double mint gum comercial
3. now if she gets lost, it will be easier to find her
4. cabin fever of being a stay at home mom
5. lack of friends and family here, so i just made my own mini-me
to be honest, i wasnt making her a dress that matched mine- i was making a dress for me that matched her. its so crazy being a mom. i have never been able to understand or relate to kids, but the second taylor came into my life my whole world changed. she is mine, and she is the most important thing in my life. i spend every second with her. my every thought encluded her. all i really want is to spend more time with her...... watching her, being there for every new and exciting change, helping her learn and grow. i am so proud to have her as my daughter. she is the most beautiful person i have ever met in my life. she is the smartest person i have ever hung out with, and when it comes down to it i really just want to be like her..... and i guess look like her. i was thinking of getting a pixie cut so we could have matching hair dos.......mabe thats going too far.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hello we are the Archibalds!!!

Let me introduce.....

Daddy Archi- Travis

Mamma Archi- Jenny

Baby Archi- Taylor

Travis and i met 3 years ago in his hometown of Idaho Falls, Id. I am originally from Huntington West Virginia, I was going to school in Idaho at the time. We have been married since August 2006. One month later we had our little "quacks"- Taylor. She is literaly the light of our lives.

We are currently living in Queen Creek, Arizona. Travis is a salesman, and his job moves us a lot. We like it though, honestly! In the last 2 years we have ived in Idaho, Miami, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and now here. My memmie says that i should write a book on how to pack up and move in a day, because i seem to have it down. One day we would like to end up in Seattle or Portland. For right now we are lovin life here in Az. Me a little bit more, because i get to lay out year round.

Taylor "Quacks" was born while we were in Minneapolis. Unfortunately she didn't get to soak it in for too long, cause we left a week later for idaho. She just had her first birthday September 16th, and two days later she started walking all over the place. She is such a joy to be around, and always has a smile on her face. She loves puppy dogs and kitty cats, and anything that lights up and plays music. She is a little shy around new people just because I am a stay at home mom and we are kinda home-bodies. She loves her daddy to death, once he gets home from work he picks her up and she just starts talking, telling him about her day, and asking about his. She doesnt stop till mamma says its bed time. Boy does she love her Daddy.

Me. Since becoming a mom, like I said, Taylor and i are homebodies. I have started doing the mommy arts and crafts. Including- scrapbooking (of course), sewing dresses for me, sewing dresses for Taylor, crotcheing, journeling, and various projects im able to muster up. Suprisingly, I have turned into a clean freak. I never thought it would happen to me, but i guess it happens to the best of us ( and when i say us i mean all us pack rats and slobs). I am still into painting and ceramics, as of right now i don't have the supplies, studio or time to do it. Maybe when shes older.

Here is our little girl, I will let her speak for her self.